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"I have had much less back pain, I sleep better (I used to sleep propped with 4 pillows or I felt like I was choking), and I can stand (or go shopping) without severe low back pain.  In the past I would stand at the sink doing dishes and cry with pain - that's a thing of the past since receiving chiropractic care!"


"I initially came to see Dr. Wall because of serious headaches that the doctors said there was nothing more they could do, and I would just have to live with them. After receiving chiropractic care my headaches are under control."


"My initial knee problems were not solved by Dr's of physical therapy.  Over the years physical therapy has helped with some situations.  But I find preventative chiropractic care is better than injury recovery!  Growing older has added concerns and challenges to my life.  


Dr. Wall has provided treatments that have given results.  He cares, he listens, he helps, he is a safe person to be around.  By reducing my aches and pains, by listening to my concerns, he truly has added life to my years, not just years to my life.  I have more energy to play with my kids, enjoy sports and enjoy life because I am not limited by my physical body.  My quality of life is the biggest benefit. I am now able to do things that I love with no limitations.  When everything is in line after a treatment I am more relaxed, I move better, I feel stronger.  When things are in line, my body functions better and I can feel the difference.  My outlook on life also improves!  

Thank you Dr. Wall!"


"My disabled son has been going for Chiropractic treatments at Dr. Curtis Wall’s office since September 2009. Though he cannot verbally express how he is feeling, it is evident in his physical ability and mood after treatments that he is in much better shape than when he arrived. Given his disabilities (non verbal, legally blind and developmentally delayed with behavioural issues), I find Dr. Wall always to be thorough and patient with his exam. He loves his visits and he is always happy and co-operative. He especially likes the “Ride” on the treatment bench along with his back massage. He also loved the special attention that Mary, Dr. Wall’s receptionist, gives him.

In addition, I find Dr. Wall to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable in recommending supplements that we both benefit from. On several occasions he has gone out of his way to accommodate us.


I would like to thank Dr. Wall and Mary for making my son’s Chiropractic treatments so enjoyable for him and for putting him back in shape. Next to Disneyland and Callaway Park Dr. Wall’s Chiropractic office is “the happiest place on earth” for my son.

I’m a believer in Chiropractic care." 


"I don't have any major injuries or health problems, but sometimes you just get out of bed the wrong way, stumble or trip and you feel misaligned. An occasional appointment at Dr. Wall's office for an adjustment, and I feel better immediately!!"


"I initially sought chiropractic because of a number of injuries over the years.  Neck injury sustained in an acrobatic move, recurring lower back issue where a spasm would cause numbness in my right let.  X-rays showed the lower 4 vertebrae were compacted, most likely from a ski accident 11 years previous.

Dr. Wall was the first chiropractor to provide almost instant and COMPLETE relief from the pain and immobility.  Mobility!  Without it, you can do nothing.  I have been close to bed ridden quite a few times, from sports injuries, and without chiropractic I may have remained in that condition.  Health in general.  There have been times where I found I was feeling a little clumsy, dropping things, bumping things and really no other symptoms.  One adjustment corrected my motor skills instantly.  Clumsiness eliminated.  Chiropractic care has eliminated much of the pain from my back, shoulders, ankles, wrists etc.  The benefit of that is not necessarily more energy, but accessible energy.  When in pain, energy goes to combating that.  When there is no pain, that energy is available for your brain, your muscles, everything else in your body.At various times I have used physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage.  Any one of these therapies work well, to a point.  But in time, if the spine does not get aligned, these other therapies affects tend to diminish in value.  I used a combined approach for the best effect, with Wall Chiropractic being far and beyond the best chiropractic care I have ever received (out of 7 chiropractors used in my life).  Dr. Wall is far and above the best chiropractor I have ever gone to.  And if you have some fears about twisting adjustments or other things, he will adjust his technique for your situation.  My wife hates her neck to be manipulated, so Dr. Wall uses an activator, to incredible affect.  Pretty amazing, his versatility.  He works well with the other therapies I utilize, always providing the best care to support any injury or issue you have. "


My neighbor recommended Dr. Wall and I am so glad she did. From the moment I walk in the door, I am greeted in a friendly professional manner. That professionalism is carried throughout the entire appointment. I find Dr. Wall easy to communicate with and a gem in his field. I'd highly recommend him.


"My wife have been suffering from shortness of breath and uncomfortable feeling in the chest, permanent lumbar pain with radiation to the leg, inability to do housework for 4 years after the last delivery. Nothing and nobody helped her.

Can you imagine, just 1 (one) session was enough to find out the causes of her trouble and to literally wipe out her sufferings!!! Bravo! Good job Dr Wall! Thank you very much for giving my wife the joy of life."


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